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Road Trip

This term we are going on a road trip following the story of Around the World in 80 days. We will visit mountains, cities, jungles. We are going to learn about each place we visit. 


Summer week 5

We are leaving India and travelling to Hong Kong, watch Willy Fog episodes 9 and 10.

Summer Week 4 We are staying in India and learning about some key figures in Indian history.

Maths 22.06.2020

Summer Week 3


We are staying in India this week and looking at some Hindu celebrations and gods. 

Summer Week 2

This week we are travelling to Bombay, India. 

Week 1 Summer 2

Welcome back! This week we are staying in Egypt and learning about the famous Tutankhamun and Howard Carter, we are going to write a diary entry and some painting of the  death mask and a virtual tour of the museum. 

Week 5


We are off to Egypt this week! Get your toilet paper and lego ready to make things, follow last weeks maths as it didn't come until Thursday! It's going to be a warm week so we are going to be making steam boats and dressing like an Egyptian! 

Week 3 VE Day 8th May 2020


There are some wonderful resources for VE crafts and bunting to decorate your house.

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