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Language of Dance in action

The Language of Dance

During dance club every Wednesday pupils are experiencing movement which is taught through a specialised programme called The Language of Dance.

Katy Clarke 'Movement Co-ordinator' is a fully qualified dance teacher with a specialist degree and has been trained and is qualified to deliver this method of ‘understanding dance and choreography’ through a unique system  especially designed for our children.          

The children take part in dance workshops every week which focus on learning a new dance vocabulary, based on a system called ‘Labanotation’. This enables the learner to have an understanding of movement and choreography without having to be expert in a particular style or technique.

The pupils who are taking part in these workshops are eager and enthusiastic to learn the movement alphabet symbols and thoroughly enjoy creating their own dance using the symbols as a starting point.     

The lessons are structured with a teacher led warm up, exploration of new symbols through improvisation techniques, small group choreography and use of stimuli and a cool down.

The pupils are assessed on their knowledge of the symbols and how to use them practically to create a dance. At the end of the year  the pupils who pass will gain an accreditation in 'Level 1 Language of Dance', which will be an excellent addition to their skills and qualifications for their future.

If you would like further information or to discuss if your child would be interested in doing the course please see Katy Clarke.

Photos of the symbols are to follow

Gymnastics for Enrichment


This year we are offering pupils an exciting opportunity to go to Tamworth Olympic Gymnastics Club to work with professional Gymnastics coaches.

The sessions focus on physical skills including body conditioning, safety awareness, team work, individual skills and use of apparatus. The club will use the British Gymnastic association framework and the children will work on a variety of skills in order to achieve BAGA badges. The group will also have the experience of using professional gymnastic apparatus in a fully equipped gymnasium, which is used by professional gymnasts and see some professional gymnasts demonstrating their skills.

The sessions are beneficial to the children taking part in the following ways:-

  • Confidence building
  • Encouraging team work
  • Building physical skills such as strength, stamina,
  • co-ordination and balance
  • Awareness of health and safety
  • Encouraging body awareness
  • Improving attainment
  • Engaging, inspiring and enthusing children