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Online Safety

We hope you find this site informative. It is always good to receive feedback on how we can improve our provision. Please take a few minutes to click here and give us your feedback. 


If you have any queries, questions or concerns about online safety you can email our Online Safety Officer Claire Dryhurst

Rocklands Tool Kit for Teaching Online Safety

Helpful Guides

Link2ICT Online Safety Newsletters

Child safety on YouTube: parent factsheet

Please Note Thomas the Tank Shed 17 on YouTube has items that some children may find upsetting.

Unfortunately many children cartoons can be edited, potentially subjecting children to inappropriate themes these include Fire Man Sam, Pepper Pig etc. Please be aware! 

Important Information - UNICO LIVE

Parent questionnaire 6.3.18

Guides for Parents and Carers - National Online Safety

**Please Note that we do not endorse any of the above companies and that this page is for information only.**

Concerned when Online - Where to get help?


Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online? 


Helping everyone to report harmful content. If you report something directly to a social media platform i.e. facebook and they haven't took it down. After 48 hours you can report it.

Help and guidance for professionals - when content is published which questions your professionalism or the organisation you work for.

You can confidently and anonymously report child sexual abuse images or non-photographic child sexual abuse images.

NSPCC - Reporting, help and guidance. 


Teaching and Learning Tools