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Ducklings Project

Ducklings is the 'newest' class at Rocklands. It is the Early Years class - Nursery and Reception. 

In September, Rocklands Nursery moved from the Children's Centre into school. They have 2 outdoor areas available to them and both need renovating. 


Rocklands ASPF are working with the Ducklings staff to design and provide a stimulating outdoor environment in both areas. The first area we are looking at needs a new surface, climbing equipment, water play. This equipment costs a lot of money. We have had quotes for each area which cost in excess of £15,000 each. We are not in a position to be able to afford this. However, we have decided to go ahead with the basics and add to it as and when we can. 

Over the summer holiday, Ducklings with be having a new stimulating soft surface installed, a wonderful water wall, and a challenging climbing frame suitable for the children. 


Watch this space!