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Covid-19 Phased return to school plans

To enable a safe return to school for ALL pupils,  we have temporarily altered the timings of the school day. For example, we can’t have 127 children arriving and leaving the building together, so we have continued with the staggered starts and ends to the day that worked successfully when we opened more widely to children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.


We would also like to advise you that it is possible, if the Testing and Tracing system identifies groups of staff needing to be absent at the same time with little notice, we may have to close one or more classes at a time. We will do our best to minimise disruption if these situations arise and hope that you will understand our priority is to keep everyone safe. 


Further information regarding the days and times for each child was shared individually with parents/carers w/c 13.07.2020.

Returning to School Questions and Answers

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Preparing your child for the first day back in school

Government advice is changing daily.  While this risk assessment is relevant today, tomorrow it may need updating. Therefore, this document will be updated in the light of any guidance changes and re-circulated to staff.

Information from Staffordshire County Council - Pupils who are entitled to Home to School transport:

The Local Authority will be working to the following principles.
• All routes will be running on 3rd September.
• Pupils will be asked, where possible, to wear face covering whilst on home to school transport and will be loaded and unloaded according to distance, ie those living furthest away board first.
• Pupils will be allocated transport without the need for social distancing, but they will be encouraged to use the same seat.
• Pupils will be encouraged to wash hands prior to boarding and hand sanitiser will be available for pupils when boarding and disembarking.
• Vacant seats for non-entitled pupils will not be filled to increase space on transport.
• Transport operations will not be staggered and will be based on one journey in and one journey out.
• Revised operator guidance together with revised risk assessments for the 2020 Autumn term will be produced.
• Additional measures such as good vehicle ventilation and asking drivers to wear face coverings where appropriate will be undertaken


Other travel considerations:

if parents with Home to School transport entitlement start driving their children rather than using the transport provided there will be problems at the school gates with increased traffic congestion, parking issues and air pollution.
Therefore, we would ask for your help in reducing car use as much as possible in the autumn term by encouraging parents of pupils entitled to Home to School transport to use the transport provided and to encourage parents of other pupils to think how they can travel to school without the car.

As part of this the Local Authority are writing to all parents outlining the position, our concerns and urging them to not use the car wherever possible. And if it’s not possible for a pupil to walk or cycle all the way, we will ask them to consider ‘park and stride’ options so traffic is moved away from the school.


For Special schools where parents also drop off on site, a separate drop-off time for parents to contract vehicles is advised. Rather than calling the Local Authority,  in the first instance please refer to the webpages below: and