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Staff in Flaming Class

Staff in Flaming Class 1 Claire D Class Teacher
Staff in Flaming Class 2 Jaime Teaching Assistant
Staff in Flaming Class 3 Hannah Teaching Assistant
Staff in Flaming Class 4 Jackie B Teaching Assistant Mon-Wed
Staff in Flaming Class 5 Stella Teaching Assistant Thur-Fri
Staff in Flaming Class 6 Claire M 1:1
Staff in Flaming Class 7 Helen -Teacher
Staff in Flaming Class 8 Lin - Teacher
Staff in Flaming Class 9 Agnes Supervisory Assistant
Staff in Flaming Class 10 Luan Supervisory Assistant

Claire Dryhurst is the teacher overseeing all the children in the Flamingo Class but we are happy to inform you that Lin is now supporting Monday and Tuesday and Helen supporting Wed - Friday.


Welcome to our class page. Here you will be able to track the many fun, engaging, creative and educational moments that the children (and staff) in The Flamingo Class will encounter over the next year. smiley


Please take a look at our amazing will find an array of photos, videos and podcast which the children are all proud to share with you, as well as links and resources that may be helpful.

You can interact with us by commenting or no liking each post. The children love heart to read your comments.


We look forward to hearing from you. Remember keep checking back to see what’s new and upcoming in Flamingo Class.




Meet Flash. He is our pet tortoise.

This is flash. He is our class pet and we all look after him. His birthday is in August.

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